Security in Condominiums

November 29, 2023 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM - Online

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In the past year, there have been several tragic events in the condominium community in Ontario, including events which have resulted in loss of life. Over 90% of Condominium Owners in Ontario rank security as their TOP consideration when looking to invest. 

It’s hard to spend money on something that, when done right, is not noticed. Whereas buying that nice couch for the lobby gets seen every day. Security is only noticed in its absence. Hoping it does not happen to you is not a valid security plan. As we are sure everyone has noted, crime rates are rising at a double-digit pace, including property crimes, making it imperative for you to consider your security/emergency master plan. 

Session Focus: 

  1. 5 Actions you can take to avoid being seen as a soft target and prevent repeat occurrences.
  2. Know the 3 Factors needed for crime to occur and how you can disrupt the cycle.
  3. The 7 hazards you should address in your condominium Emergency Plan. 
  4. 5 things to consider to ensure you get a good return when hiring a professional security contractor. 


Scott Hill (3D Security and Response Services)
Constable Sébastien Lemay (Ottawa Police Service)

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