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Types of Membership

CCI Supports 4 Categories of Membership:

Individual Membership

This membership is for persons who have an interest in the condominium community. This group of members includes condominium owners, authors, and professors.  It delivers benefits for education and information as well as access and experience of hundreds of other condo owners and industry professionals. It is not a replacement for a condominium corporation, professional or business partner membership.

Condominium Corporation Membership 

Condominium corporations have a substantial responsibility to manage their buildings and property effectively.  Owners are called on as volunteer board members to make prudent and effective business decisions that affect the lives, property and values of their corporation. When you register with CCI, you become a member of the greater condominium community with benefits from education and information as well as access and experience of hundreds of other condo owners and industry professionals.

Benefits Include:

Condominium Corporation – Complimentary Access

This category is for new Condominiums that have just turned over from the developer.

This entitles your condominium to the member rate for all events for one year. There are no voting rights under this category

Professional Membership 

Professionals practising in the condominium field join CCI to share information with others in the industry and to share their experiences with condominium owners. Professionals from services to the condominium industry, for example, lawyers, accountants, engineers, condominium managers, real estate agents or brokers, appraisers, insurance brokers, etc.  

A Professional Member is an individual who participates professionally in one of the above noted fields related to condominiums. A Professional Member of CCI has access to the knowledge and experience of other members and receives all materials published by CCI. Furthermore, s/he is listed in the annual Professional Services and Business Partner Directory, and receives advertising rights therein.

Business Partner Membership 

This classification is available to business partners who service the condominium industry. This membership allows them to participate in educational programs and seminars, advertise in both the Professional Services & Business Partner and the Condo Contact magazine. Frequently, Business Partner members are called upon to lend their assistance and expertise to the ongoing well-being of the condominium association in seminars and conferences.

Benefits Include:


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